unawatuna beach sri lanka

Unawatuna Sri Lanka

Simmering blue waters – not so rough – hitting up on the beach. A sandy coast spanning from one end to another, wrapping up the ocean in its glory. This is what Unawatuna is known for. This is what made Unawatuna one of the most sought after destinations in Sri Lanka.

There was a time when Unawatuna was the talk of the town and the place to be. However, this destination does not hold its virtues of the past. Partly because of the excess human activity and deterioration of nature, and partly because of the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that left some scars that cannot be healed.

However, Unawatuna still remains within the checklist of the modern-day traveller, and still holds some magic for the first-time visitor. The fact that this destination could be covered within the course of one day works in its favour. The nearby attractions of Unawatuna include Jungle Beach, coral reefs and snorkelling, Japanese Peace Pagoda, and water sports, with jet-skis being highly popular.

unawatuna beach
Tourists and beach lovers at Unawatuna

Traveling to Unawatuna

Thanks to the Southern Expressway, traveling to Unawatuna has become all the more easier from Colombo. Get on to the expressway, and drive for around one hour until you reach Galle. About five kilometres from Galle, towards the Matara direction stands Unawatuna. The popularity of the area means that there is no shortage of tuk tuks or hired vehicles for commuting.

Accommodation in Unawatuna

Lodges and hotels in Unawatuna are aplenty. One does not have to plan big before arriving at the city, as you can easily book a room from one of the many options for accommodation. There is no big hotel chain in Unawatuna as yet, but the hotels and villas that come at a cheaper rate are not bad for a short stay, offering most of the facilities you need.

water sports at unawatuna
Jet-ski and sea bathing at the Unawatuna Beach

Things to do in Unawatuna

The attractions in Unawatuna is headed by the most famous beach, but if you look closely, there are more activities that you can engage in:

  • Wide, sandy stretch of Unawatuna Beach
  • Coral reefs
  • Sea bathing
  • Jungle Beach
  • Water sports such as jet-ski and boat rides
  • Snorkeling
  • Unawatuna Dagaba
  • Habaraduwa turtle hatcheries
  • Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Street-side restaurants and cafes
  • Clothing, ornaments, and collectible boutique shops

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