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Voice Print Sri Lanka Choir Information

A print of musical notes brought to life through voices.

The Voice.Print Choir has established itself as one of the most dynamic and talented musical groups in Sri Lanka as of now. All the high-end functions in Sri Lanka are certain to feature some mesmerizing music by this choral group, without which there would always be something void at the event.

History of Voice Print Sri Lanka

The early days of the Voice Print Choir dates back to when a group of young and talented individuals got together within the halls of St. Benedict’s College, Colombo. Known for its vocal prowess as well as the vibrant senior College choir, St. Benedict’s was never short of pupils who are capable of bringing joy to people through their singing.

Michael Sathasivam, the founder member of Voice Print, notes that he needed a choir for his wedding, and therefore got few of the past choristers from St. Benedict’s College to feature at his matrimony. This was the birthplace of Voiceprint. The group came together formally during that same year of 2006 for a two-day concert at the Lionel Wendt named “Up Where We Belong”.

Voice.Print’s Rise to Fame

The name of Voiceprint was doing rounds within the Benedictine fraternity since its inception, but the band rose to widespread national fame when they walked off with two distinct awards at the 6th World Choir Games 2010, held in Shaoxing, China. Voiceprint was awarded the Silver medal in the Popular Choral Music category, and the Bronze medal in the Religious Music category.

The award-winning outfit in China also featured Julius Mitchell, a leading beat-boxing artist in Sri Lanka. Also hailing from St. Benedict’s College and with deep roots in the senior choir, Julius honed his beatboxing skills to the next level during his tenure with Voiceprint.

From then on, it has been an upward curve for the Voice Print band. They teamed up with prominent local artists such as Mariazelle Goonetilleke, Piyal Perera, Nirosha Virajini and Annesley Malewana. The band has also performed several scores in their own acapella styles, and these have been embraced by local and international audiences whole-heartedly.

Among the many hits of the Voiceprint choir are their own renditions of Geyu Gee, Pem Lowe, Sura Lo Madale, Mango Kalu Nende and Christmas Print.

Voice.print was also the producer of the track Pidumai Mei, a song released in 2015 as part of the 150thanniversary celebrations of their Alma Mater, St. Benedict’s College, Colombo.

Voice Print Band Members

Michael Sathasivam was the founder of Voice Print, and under his guidance and leadership, the choir was able to gain a high level of traction within the local music scene. The music group started off as an all-Benedictine outfit, but now features vocalists from other backgrounds as well. Current members of Voice.Print include:

  • Dilan Irugalbandara – Music Director
  • Eshan Anthony
  • Naresh Sathasivam – PR and Marketing Director
  • Michael Quyn
  • Ryan De Mel
  • Nicole Liyanage

Voice.Print Today

One of the most extraordinary productions of Voiceprint was the Evolution of Sri Lankan Music video, highlighting the monumental points and hits of Sri Lanka’s music industry over the past decades.

The band is now the pioneer of a genre of music that most Sri Lankans have come to love and enjoy, a genre of music that was not prominent during the past. Acapella music, made prominent in Sri Lanka by Voice.Print, is creating waves of enthusiasm and profoundness among both the youth and elderly of Sri Lanka.

The choir could be seen at all types of corporate and private events, showcasing their true virtues of music and the diligence in which they are able to keep their audience engaged. The band still has a long way to go, but its members are taking it one step at a time.

Contact Voice Print Band

Naresh Sathasivam serves as the General Manager of the Voice.Print choir, and could be contacted via +94777 339247 for bookings. Voice Print is available for performances at any type of function, corporate events, weddings, product launches, and advertisements. The band would love to offer their presence at the event and add further glamour to the proceedings.

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  1. Wow!!! I tumbled upon this amazing and talented musicians through FB. I live in Switzerland and I have been away from my mother land for last 27 years. I have strong connections to SL as I go once or twice a year during my school holidays with volunteer groups to build schools there. And for the music when ever I have some time in my hands I listen to Clarence, Annesly and la celyanias just to get a flavour of my own roots!!!
    What can I say last night I saw the Evolution video and it was mind blowing. If you ever want to come to
    Switzerland on a tour please let me know. We will try to put something together.
    I do not know many Sri Lankans live here. I believe nothing is impossible. I am one of your big fans!
    Check out http://www.tsunami- HANDAID.ch
    Sujeewa Fernando


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