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Get Out, Mother, A Quiet Place, Wind River Review

Get Out Movie Review

One of the best movies in recent times, Get Out covers the story of a Black American guy going to meet his white girlfriend’s parents, and the bizarre line-up of events that follow. Get Out was written by Jordan Peele, and was also his directorial debut. Having watched the movie twice in quick succession, I wish Jordan Peele would continue this line of work, coming up with unique types of stories, and directing them like producing magic.

In terms of suspense, Get Out was never a failure. The uneasy feeling about the episode keeps building up, and at one stage, I literally had to pause the movie and take a break; it was that exciting, and scary. I needed to read up on some other reviews to properly understand the ending, but the essence of the movie never dwindled; the ending was equally thrilling and nerve-wrecking. Waiting for more, Jordan Peele.

get out review
Get Out Movie Review

Mother Movie Review

I’m all for weird movies, and the first half of Mother well and truly lived up to this. The mystery-oriented opening half kept me engrossed, wondering what’s going on, and yearning for answers. However, the latter half of the film was a let-down. The creators of the picture could have taken it along different directions, and I’m not happy with the direction they ended up taking. Reviews of the movie speak of how the story is connected to a famous Book, which really got me thinking. Other than for that, watch Mother for the performance of Jennifer Lawrence. I’m not the biggest fan of her, but have to admit that her acting is great.

A Quiet Place Movie Review

A sudden plan to head towards a cinema on a Friday evening after work, to watch any movie that was playing; and A Quiet Place it was at Savoy 2, Wellawatte. It was my first time at this small enclosure that was called a cinema, and it was a bit weird. However, what was more weird was the movie itself. In a world where all movies are looking to make so much noise and create a lot of drama, A Quiet Place followed a different path, looking to be quiet, because of… reasons you will get to know. Loved the creativity of this movie; how so much of attention to detail had gone towards the props and settings. Emily Blunt’s performance was superb, and a meaningful story at the end about the love between family members rounded off a busy work week with the office colleagues.

a quiet place review
A Quiet Place Movie Review

Avengers: Infinity War Review


Wind River Movie Review

 I make it a point to try and watch at least one or two movies every weekend. While hovering through IMDb on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I came across the title Wind River, with Jeremy Renner’s face in its poster. The plot summary spoke of a murder mystery, which was enough to grab my attention, as well as sacrifice about 1GB of peak time broadband data.

wind river review
Wind River Movie Review

Wind River was simply a lovely movie. The story was about a brutal assault and death, but how the story came together, the characters, the drama, and the mystery itself well and truly made this a likeable movie. In the end, it’s not just for the lovers of mystery movies; it is more than that.

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