nelum kuluna colombo lotus tower

Colombo Lotus Tower: 2022 Latest News

The Colombo Lotus Tower, also known as the Nelum Kuluna, is a telecommunications and observation tower situated in the city of Colombo. The tower stands at 350m, with majority of it being a base resembling a flower stem, and the upper portion resembling the colourful lotus flower. The tower is the tallest self-supported structure and the second tallest structure overall in South Asia.

The tower’s location ensures that it is visible from all parts of Colombo and its suburbs, while the illuminated lights at night are set to make it the biggest attraction within Colombo’s skyline. Nelum Kuluna Colombo is the latest addition to Colombo’s tourist attractions.

colombo lotus tower nelum kuluna
Colombo Lotus Tower.

Getting to the Lotus Tower

The Colombo Nelum Kuluna is situated in Colombo 10, along D R Wijewardena Mawatha, formerly known as McCallum Road in Colombo. This road can be accessed from Maradana Junction and T. B. Jayah Mawatha, as well as from Lake House Roundabout in Fort. The bus routes that cover this road are 120, 122, 125 and 190.

Lotus Tower Colombo Facts

  • Type:               Mixed use
  • Cost:                USD 104.3 million
  • Coordinates:   06°55′37″N 79°51′30″E
  • Completion:    2019
  • Height:            350 m (1,148.3 ft)
  • Floors:             13 (6 in base, 7 in flower)
  • Elevators:        7
  • Entrances:       4 (2 for VIPs)
  • Records:
    • Tallest self-supported structure in South Asia
    • Second tallest structure in South Asia

Features of Colombo Lotus Tower

  • Tourist attraction
  • Antenna tower
  • Radio and television broadcasting antenna
  • Telecommunications museum
  • Exhibition halls
  • Conference halls for 500 people
  • Supermarkets
  • Food courts
  • Shopping mall
  • Cinema
  • Car park
  • 1000-seat auditorium
  • Ballroom
  • VIP and State guestrooms
  • Luxury hotel rooms
  • Revolving restaurant at top floor
  • Observation gallery

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