Kottawa - Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Hub

Kottawa – Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Hub

The Kottawa – Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Hub is a transportation hub located in the Makumbura area of Kottawa. The first of its kind in Sri Lanka, this transport hub links bus services and train services of several routes and allows passengers to seamlessly transfer from one commute to another. The integration of multiple transportation modes enables faster commuting for passengers with more convenience and less hassle.

Kottawa - Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Hub
Interior of Makumbura Transport Hub

This multi-modal transport hub was created with focus towards the environment as well as energy conservation.         The entire building complex runs on solar energy, with solar panels installed on the roof. The interior design has given prominence to let maximum daylight in, so that the need for artificial lighting is decreased.


The Kottawa-Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Hub is located just near the entrance to the Kottawa Expressway Interchange.

Transport Connectivity

  • Train:  Kelani Valley Line – Maalapalla Station
  • Bus:     High Level Road and Kottawa Expressway Interchange
Kottawa - Makumbura Multi-Modal Transport Hub
Maalapalla Station at Kottawa Multi-Modal Transport Hub


  • Railway terminal and bus terminal
  • Air-conditioned waiting rooms with comfortable seating
  • Enclosed corridors to move between transport systems
  • LCD display system to provide on-time information
  • Real-time locations of buses and trains with GPS tracking
  • Online ticket bookings
  • Single tickets for trains and buses
  • Self-ticket facilities
  • Rest and recreational facilities
  • Restaurants and sanitary services
  • Banking facilities
  • Access and facilities for differently-abled people

Parking Facilities

The Makumbura Transport Hub offers facilities for private vehicle users to park their vehicles at the premises and proceed to Colombo City via public transport. This will allow the motorists to engage in a hassle-free commute to the city without having to drive through the traffic.

The Colombo Outer Circular Expressway is nearing its completion, and when this is completed, the Bandaranaike International Airport will be directly accessible from Kottawa through the Expressway. This enables motorists to park their vehicles at the Makumbura Hub and proceed to the airport along the Expressway with public transport.

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