Comparison of Outbreaks – Coronavirus SARS Flu Pandemic

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic continues to soar across the world with more and more cases and deaths reported each day. So how exactly does this virus compare with other major outbreaks in the recent past?

OutbreakSpanRegionCasesDeathsFatality RateIncubation Period
COVID-192019 – 2022Worldwide160 m3.3 m2.08%5 – 14 days
SARS2002 – 2003South China8,0987749.55%4 – 6 days
H1N1 / Swine Flu2009 – 2010Worldwide0.7 – 1.4 billion151k – 575k0.04%1 – 4 days
Ebola2013 – 2016West Africa28,64611,32339.5%2 – 21 days
Zika2015 – 2016Americas174,667180.01%3 – 12 days
MERS / Camel Flu2018 – 2020Middle East1474127.89%5 – 6 days

Comparison of Outbreaks – Coronavirus, SARS, Swine Flu, Ebola, Zika, MERS

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