Netflix Sri Lanka

Netflix Sri Lanka | Netflix TV Shows, Movies and Documentaries

Netflix is an online streaming service which gives users access to films, documentaries, and TV shows. Users are able to watch movies and TV shows online or stream them to a PC, mobile phone, tablet, smart TV or gaming console. The service is based on a subscription fee. 

Netflix in Sri Lanka

Netflix is available in Sri Lanka and users have access to a range of movies and TV shows that are available for Sri Lanka. 

Netflix Features in Sri Lanka

Watch movies, shows and documentaries on your desktop, laptop, PC, Mac, mobile phone, smart TV or tablet. 

Watch movies, shows and documentaries on your desktop, laptop, PC, Mac, mobile phone, smart TV or tablet.

Available on your smart TV, Playstation, Xbox, Chromecast, Apple TV, Blu-ray player and more.

Download shows and watch them offline.

Watch anytime, everywhere.

Unlimited films, TV shows and documentaries.

Upgrade and downgrade your plan anytime. Cancel your plan anytime.

Netflix Sri Lanka Subscription Fee

Basic – $7.99 – Allows you to watch on 1 screen.

Standard – $9.99 – Has HD available and allows you to watch on 2 screens at the same time.

Premium – $11.99 – Offers HD and Ultra HD viewing, and allows you to  watch on 4 screens at the same time. 

Netflix Tips and Tricks

Audio and Subtitles:

Netflix audio and subtitles could be set based on the language you prefer from the available languages.

Pause Membership:

You can pause your Netflix subscription / membership at anytime. Your profiles, preferences and watch history will be saved for up to 10 months. The membership could be resumed at anytime.

Viewing Activity:

All the shows and films you have viewed will be saved in your Viewing Activity. Any show that you don’t want saved in your Viewing Activity could be removed.

Data Usage:

Basic video quality – 0.3 GB per hour

Standard video quality – 0.7 GB per hour

Best video quality – 3-7 GB per hour

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Play / Pause – Enter / Space bar

Rewind / Fast forward 10 seconds – Left / right arrows

Increase / Decrease volume – Up / down arrows

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